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The Disappearing Act: Understanding Ghosting in the Hiring Process

You’ve been through three rounds of interviews, and you’re feeling confident and excited about the job, but then…nothing. You call, you email—but nothing. Why? You’ve been ghosted by the employer. Unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly common in the hiring process. In this blog post, we’ll explore why employers are ghosting job seekers and what you can do to reduce your risk of encountering this frustrating situation.


Ghosting is when an employer ceases all communication with a job candidate after the interview process has begun. This usually occurs after at least one or two rounds of interviews have been completed and the employer does not provide any further information or feedback to the applicant about their status or candidacy for the position.


No one likes to be ghosted—not even employers! So why is it happening? One reason may be that there are simply so many applicants for each position that employers don’t have time to keep up with them all and provide individual feedback for every candidate who didn't get hired. Another reason could be that employers don't want to hurt feelings or have uncomfortable conversations with those they don't choose to hire. Additionally, some employers may feel like it’s easier just not to respond than explain why they've decided not to move forward with a particular candidate.


There are several things job seekers can do to mitigate their risk of being ghosted by an employer during the hiring process:

  • Keep track of your applications and follow up regularly with each employer as appropriate

  • Ask questions at each stage of the interviewing process so that both you and your potential employer have a clear understanding of expectations and timelines

  • Make sure you're providing relevant information about yourself in your application materials so that employers can make an informed decision

  • Be aware that if it's taking too long for you to hear back from an employer, they may no longer be considering you for the role

  • Reach out politely via email if you haven't heard anything after an extended period of time - this shows initiative on your part

  • Try not to take it personally if you don't get chosen - there are many factors at play when making hiring decisions!

Job seeking can be frustrating enough without having to worry about being “ghosted” by potential employers during the hiring process! While there isn’t much individuals can do directly about ghosting, understanding why it happens and taking steps such as keeping track of applications, asking questions throughout the process, providing relevant information in application materials, reaching out if needed, and trying not to take rejections too personally will help reduce your risk of running into this issue in future job searches. Good luck!

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