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After dedicating your time, talent, and skills to the military, it’s now time for you to transition back into civilian life. This can be a daunting process - however one excellent way you can get ahead of the curve is by having an expertly crafted resume that highlights all your impressive feats during service, as well as any accolades achieved along the way. A carefully-crafted professional profile will undoubtedly help propel success in reclaiming a foothold in this new journey! 


Let us help you build that story!

  • Military Transition

    For military personnel who are transitioning to civilian life
    • 60-minute Career Consultation and Strategy Session
    • 2-page professionally crafted resume
    • Utilizing your Officer Evaluation Reports (OER)
    • Documenting highest recognitions, awards, and certifications
    • Using metrics to highlight career progression
    • Industry research; converting federal terminology
    • One-to-One support and guidance with the resume writer
    • ​ Military research and job search insight & techniques
    • Modern, clean (Function, Format, and Effectiveness) design
    • ATS compliant
    • Keyword Optimized to pass through Applicant Tracking ​
    • 3 resume revisions
  • Military Bundle

    Resume and Cover Letter
    • 1-page professionally crafted Cover Letter
    • 2-page professionally crafted resume utilizing your OER
    • Accurately and effectively document your achievements
    • Thoroughly document any special certifications and awards
    • Use metrics to benchmark your achievements
    • Industry research and job search aligned with resume ​
    • Industry-specific or generalized
    • One-to-One support and guidance with the resume writer ​
    • Military research and job search insight & techniques
    • Keyword Optimized to pass through Applicant Tracking ​
    • Up to 3 resume revisions
  • Federal Resume

    For individuals who are looking to transition to the Federal Government
    • 45-minute Career Consultation and Strategy Session ​
    • Keyword and ATS Optimized for
    • Professionally crafted to be read by HR Specialists
    • Accurately and effectively documenting work experience
    • Documenting recognitions, awards, and certifications
    • Using metrics to highlight career progression
    • One-to-One support and guidance with the resume writer
    • Keyword Optimized to pass through HR Specialists
    • Up to 3 resume revisions

What are the Benefits of a Professionally Written Civilian Resume?

Our writers correctly and efficiently demonstrate your service-related accomplishments to provide you a competitive edge as a civilian applicant. We specialize in resumes for Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army Work members.

first impression.png

Strong First Impression

It showcases your skills and qualifications professionally, leaving a lasting impact on potential employers.

ATS Optimization

Professionals optimize your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems, increasing its chances of passing initial screening.


Clear, Concise, and Detailed Documentation

Your qualifications are presented in an easily readable format, including detailed documentation of any unique certificates and honors that demonstrate your expertise making it effortless for hiring managers to identify your strengths.

Tailored to Your Industry

Our expert resume writers customize your resume to match industry standards, ensuring it aligns with employer expectations.

Highlighted Achievement.png

Highlighted Achievements

Build a compelling career story that hiring managers won't be able to resist by using metrics to measure your accomplishments.

Time and Effort Savings

Hiring a pro writer saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your job search.

4 Simple Steps

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Pick a Military and Federal Resume Writing Service

Schedule a Discovery Call with our Professional Writer to get to know you better

Review first draft of your resume

Receive your new professionally written resume

  • What is the format for a federal resume?
    The format for a federal resume typically includes a header with contact information, optional job objective or summary statement, core competencies, work experience with detailed descriptions, education, training and professional development, relevant skills, publications/awards/recognitions, professional affiliations, and optionally references. Follow the specific guidelines and requirements provided by the federal agency or job announcement.
  • How long should a federal resume be?
    Federal resumes typically do not have a strict length limit like traditional resumes. However, they are generally longer than the standard one- to two-page resumes commonly used in the private sector. Federal resumes are more comprehensive and provide detailed information about an applicant's qualifications, experience, and achievements. While there is no set length requirement, it is generally recommended to keep the federal resume concise and focused on the most relevant and impactful information. Aim to provide enough detail to showcase your qualifications and match the requirements of the specific job announcement, but avoid unnecessary repetition or including irrelevant information. Federal resumes often include sections such as a summary of qualifications, work experience, education, training, certifications, relevant skills, and any other pertinent information that demonstrates your qualifications for the position. It's important to carefully review the specific job announcement and tailor your resume accordingly, emphasizing the qualifications and experiences that align with the requirements of the position.
  • Do Federal Resumes go through ATS Tracking System?
    Yes, Federal Resumes typically go through an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) when submitted for federal job applications. ATS is used by federal agencies to manage and streamline the hiring process. These systems help screen and filter resumes based on specific criteria, such as keywords, qualifications, and job requirements. Submitting a Federal Resume through an online application system is common practice, and the resume will typically be parsed and analyzed by the ATS. The ATS will scan the resume for relevant information and compare it against the job requirements outlined in the job posting. This initial screening process helps federal agencies efficiently identify qualified candidates for further consideration. To increase the chances of passing through the ATS screening, it is important to tailor your Federal Resume to match the specific job announcement. Using relevant keywords, highlighting relevant skills and qualifications, and following the guidelines provided in the job posting can improve the visibility of your resume to the ATS and increase the likelihood of being selected for further review by hiring officials.
  • How do I tailor my federal resume to a specific job announcement?
    To tailor your federal resume to a specific job announcement, carefully review the requirements and qualifications in the announcement. Identify keywords and phrases, then incorporate them into your resume. Highlight relevant achievements, adjust skills and qualifications sections, and update education and training. Proofread and review to ensure accuracy and alignment with the job announcement.
  • How should I address gaps in employment in my federal resume?
    When addressing gaps in employment on your federal resume: Be transparent about the gaps and include the dates. Provide a brief explanation if necessary, without extensive details. Highlight relevant activities during the gap, such as freelancing, volunteering, or professional development. Emphasize transferable skills gained during the gap. Consider using a functional or skills-based resume format. Fill the gap with other relevant information, such as education or certifications.
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