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Unemployed/Returning to the Workforce

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Service Description

Have you been out of the workforce for more than 3 months? This package is designed to provide guidance and resources to assist you in navigating through the job search process with ease. We will create a structured plan, and give you the tools to keep you motivated, productive, and confident to get back into the workforce. CAREER COACH > 6 x 60 min online or in-person sessions to deep dive into your situation, your skills & options. We will guide you through short courses you can access on Udemy or Coursera that are aligned with your skills > We will set out a structured plan of action to help you move forward which will make you stay motivated, productive, and confident. > Assisting with finding opportunities best suited to match your past experience and where you see yourself progressing. > We will provide various sites/resources to assist you in the gaps of your experiences and or months/years of unemployment; whether it be technology, certifications needed, etc. > Guiding you through a pre-career skills compatibility assessment. RESUME DEVELOPMENT > Focusing on a Functional Resume format that focuses on your skills and successes rather than the precise dates of your employment. Create headings like “marketing experience,” “sales successes,” or “benchmarks met,” and then listing your achievements accordingly. > Utilizing effective keywords to create a narrative of industry knowledge and > Create an Optimized LinkedIn Profile > Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Compliant so that your resume has the completive edge of passing through onto a recruiter. > Modern design that is easy to read and appeals to the industry you are applying to. COVER LETTER DESIGN > Building a strong narrative that markets your accomplishments throughout your career and how you can apply them to your new position. > Creating a Modern design that is easy to read and appeals to the industry you are applying to. > Applicant Tracking Compliant (ATS). INTERVIEW PREPARATION /MOCK INTERVIEWS > Providing guidance on interview-related questions and behavioral questions. > In-depth industry research on desired position(s). > 3 x 30 min online or in-person interview sessions. *All sessions are booked within a 3-month time frame and each Session is performed bi-weekly (every two weeks) to ensure maximum success. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A PLACEMENT SERVICE. We do NOT guarantee a job offer as this would be unethical and outside our ability and scope of service.

Cancellation Policy

REMINDERS: > The FREE Resume Review Consultation is ONLY AVAILABLE via Zoom Online Conference > Upon successfully scheduling your Resume Consultation, you are REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE and be AVAILABLE in your scheduled Zoom appointment. Cover Letters, Resumes, and any of our Job Coaching services provided are non-refundable. All payments for services are due upfront prior to the service being rendered. Services can be provided through various online and phone methods, (Zoom being one of them), or services can be provided through an in-person visit to our office located at 6606 Abercorn Street, Savannah 31405 2nd FL, Suite 211 Whether services are rendered online via zoom online video conferencing, you are required to pay in full for the service package prior to any work being done. You will receive final versions of your resume and/or cover letter in Microsoft Word and PDF format. Please be advised that edits to the cover letter and resume are not advised. Edits can alter and change the entire format of the cover letter and resume. You are assuming responsibility if you decide to edit your cover letter and/or resume and Resume Recruit, LLC, will not be responsible/liable for fixing any errors. Please read the details of each package thoroughly as it indicates how many revisions you are entitled to. It will be at the discretion of Resume Recruit LLC to provide additional edits based on each client's particular circumstance and edits outside the scope of what is provided in each plan will incur a $25 re-editing fee. This is non-negotiable. Under each package, you are given the maximum amount of edits allowed and edits/revisions only consist of adding content, taking out content, or rephrasing content and do not allow for revising the entire format of the cover letter or resume. DISCLAIMER: Resume Recruit team will instantly remove a client from future scheduling opportunities if they are a no-call or no-show for their scheduled consultation. If you have any questions or need additional guidance, please send all your inquiries to

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