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How to Decide Which Job to Pursue: A Guide for Side-Hustlers


You’ve been successful in your career but find yourself torn between dedicating more time and energy to your full-time job or trying to build up your side hustle. It can be difficult to know when the time is right to jump ship, but with a clear plan and the right mindset, you can make an informed decision that will move you closer towards long-term success. Let’s explore how entrepreneurs, influencers, and job seekers can determine which job they should prioritize.


Before making any major decisions, it’s important that you take some time to do your research. Think about what you want out of your career in the long run. Ask yourself questions such as “What am I passionate about? What kind of lifestyle do I want? What skills do I have that are applicable in either job setting?” Doing this research helps you understand both the pros and cons of each job and gives you a better idea of what direction you should go in.


Now that you have done your research, it's time to set some goals for yourself and prioritize them accordingly. Make sure these goals are specific and tangible; instead of saying "I want more money," try something like "I want to increase my salary by 10% within the next 6 months." Prioritizing your goals also helps keep things organized; if one goal is more important than another, then dedicate more time and energy towards achieving it first. This helps ensure that all of your hard work is going towards something meaningful—something that will get you closer towards realizing what ultimately matters most.


If there was ever a situation where commitment and dedication were essential, this would be it! Whichever path (full-time job or side hustle) you decide on requires unwavering commitment from start to finish. When building up a side hustle, for example, there will be times where it may seem like nothing is working or progressing—but if you stick with it through thick and thin, eventually those efforts will pay off! The same applies for staying at a full-time job—sometimes things can get monotonous or boring but as long as you stay committed and dedicated to accomplishing whatever tasks are required of you on a daily basis then success will follow eventually!

Making the decision between dedicating more time to a full-time job or pursuing a side hustle isn't easy - but it is possible! With enough research, goal setting, prioritization, commitment, and dedication - anyone can make an informed decision on which route they should pursue in order to achieve success both professionally and personally in the long run. So take the leap today - pursue whichever option speaks most true to who YOU are as an individual - because at the end of the day only YOU knows what's best for YOU! Good luck!

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